Saturday, January 10, 2009

br0ken English..

d0nt play play with me haa..
if u want play play...g0 playgr0und!
d0nt mess ar0und!

u think i stupid??
i g0 scho0l haa..
my teacher say I clever..
I c0me back h0me..
my mom say I smart!

I want tell u st0ry..
st0ry ab0ut ferry ,jeti ,cheti,m0ney,pencuri.and many many..
I want g0 next 0cean.
then I ask pe0ple..
they say I have t0 take ferry...I say!
"I cant take ferry..Its huge and heavy.
And Im n0t RIKISHI..hihihih0;))
they say "d0nt be silly..just g0 to the jeti..
I arrive at the jeti..I buy ticket t0 the 0cean tadi..
and suddenly cheti c0me to me..
say"I borr0w s0me m0ney"
I say n0t me...n0t was cik n0mi..
he sh0ut say I penipu and pencuri...
every0ne lo0k at me...
then pretty lady call pak p0lisi..
huaaa..I n0 idea..
I tr0s cab0t lari..
I at the sec0nd ferry..
where every0ne eat spaghetti..
I want j0in them skali..
I feel thirsty,I 0rder
ice tea..and then I feel weird and badly..
l0ok all w0men wear baju like w0men hawai ee..
I cant see 0cean that i want pergi...I cry like baby..
few minutes p0llice c0me t0 me..
ask what happen da jadi??
I say I want g0 to 0cean tadi!!!
unf0rtunatelly ..p0llice say..
that I miss the ferry ..
N0w! we are in ITALY!
I tekej0t like I want mati...
apelagi..I terj0n nak bun0h diri..
I engat I can swim..but I d0nt kn0w yg I mas0k in l0gi..
I change my stratergy..
I climb t0 ferry..then jump in sungai at tepi ferry tadi..
I swim swim.. t0 abu dhabi..
at last jumpe abg zaidi ngan kak ani!
I invite t0 my home then I send mreke balek..
huaa...I g0 back h0me at 2 pagi..
can u believe it??
can u can u??
I cann0t think lagi..
n0w I nak pegi cuci pggan yg full in singki!
I wish ALLAH berkati st0ry and Ibadah I arini..
I h0pe u guyz suke ati..
read my st0ry about br0ken English ni..

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