Tuesday, August 3, 2010

one short bored n3

life ...
predictable on UNpredictable ?

can someone plis tell me ..
im a bit confused here ~

wait ....
y do i hve to b confused about it ?!

hurmmmm ...
i lost mybrain today .
cant even think .

got headache ..
fanas sgt kot !
erm ...cud b .

anyway ,,..
i had such a great day today as usual :)
and ......... im off to bed :D
so c yah tomorrow insyaAllah

yahhh !
wat a bored n3 tonight ?!
erm ..

howkehhh !
g lu r .
jumpe t eh !
jaggi ke esok ke luse ke
ton dpn ke
kankankan !

take care guys.

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