Friday, December 17, 2010

TAG #3

kalau anda bosan ngn post2
gue arini harap maaf ye !
im not in the mood of typing .
i can only make those tag
huhu ...

(1) 3 Names in Your Inbox Cellphone

(2) Your Main Ringtone
nokia jek la senangggg ..

(3) What U Did At 12 Last Night?
layan prasaann ~

(4) Who Was The Last Person You Went Out With? Where?
effa kot . die bwak jalan naek moto
tobat tamo naek lagi :P

(5) The Color 0f The T-Shirt You’re Wearing? Now?
dark blue

(6) The Last Thing U Did?

bg adek makan ubat then
amekkan air ..
shian ye saket tekak

(7) 3 of Your Everyday Favorite Items
cellphone , Ipod

(8) The Color of Your Bedroom?
Black & White

(9) How Much Money in Your Wallet Now?
+ some fills & bhat(coins)

(10) How’s Life?

(11) Your Favorite Song?

(12) What Will You Do Next Weekend?
i have no idea ...

(13) When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Mom?
last few hours before she went out with babah :)

(14) Where Is She Now?
next to her husband
perhaps :P.

(15) When Was The Last Time You Talked To Your Parent?
same answer as Q no 13
before they went out !

(16) Who Is The Last Person That Texted You?
maxis ..

(17) Where Did You Have Dinner Last Night?
umah ~.

(18) The Last Surprise You Got?
yesterday .

(19) Last Thing You Borrowed From Your Friend
lam sgt ponnnn ...

(20) Who is Your Bf/Gf Or Husband/Wife?
da myk kali jwb
takot ye tesedak lak nnti .

(21) What Do You Feel Now?

(22) Wanna Share With Who?

(23) Who Knows Your Secret?
secret recipe :P

(24) They Keep Your Secret?
dah name pon "secret recipe kannn"

(25) Are You Angry With Someone?
not anymore . no !

(26) What do you order at McD?
Mc chicken
kesukkan ku.
tp tu pon kalau da ngidam sgt br beli
kalu tok
burger ramli mykk :)

(27) The Last Time You Felt So Sad?
NOW !!!

(28) Mahu Tag?
da amek da pon ..
tag org laen ..
bebas ..
take it if u wish
or just leave it ~

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