Monday, May 3, 2010

start focus now baby !

i need to puase on9 lah !
wish me luck~ ahakz xP
need to focus on my study
more n more n more n more
mock xm is around the corner
as u noe m pretty lazy working w text BOOK
better do nothing rather than reading text book
hahaha silly me
when i do nothing then i'll get nothing
morron!(only me can say that to myself :P)
need to be lyk katak ejaw
rajen membace
siap kempen lagu membaca gaya wawasan agik huhuh
how did she do those freaking things??
so wondering..women !
ps : thats y ive never talk bout school in this blog..getting bored n making me *yawning* sleepy ......zZzZzZzzzz
eh tertido lak..lom abeh agik lah huhuh
-the end-
da abeh ar ! bace pe g??

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