Saturday, May 1, 2010

wat is dis??? ....ow i dont noe .haha

not in the mood ..
superdamnbored !


feelikewannacry .
allow me plis ..

s i get up dis monin
i feel really bad
i wont get up
didnt do anything
just sitting . singing . thinking . daydreaming . wishing . praying . not even reading . messed up .
what an upside down life ....
last few days ..
i ate almost everything
im sturving didnt eat for a year .
crazy %+#€@!!? huh?
i dont mind if i couldnt get online
but i DO mind if i didnt get to eat !
but today.
i just ate a friedsquid.
im shakin rite now
dnt hv enough energy .
i do not feel hungry .
im blank . blur .
im not mad
im not sad
just feel it.
no emotion it???!
mood : e.m.p.t.y
dis is ridiculoussssss !
i better do something..
such as .:-?
crying . crying . crying . & . crying
y am i so dummy !
crying doesnt make everything better .
at the end u'll get tired by "crying"
hahah !
im off to bed guys.
hope tomorrow no more an e.m.p.t.y or upside down mood.
everything gonna b fine soon .
ameen (:

owh !
i feel better now .
i wanna get some drink.
u !!!stay here.
read what u should read
hahah !
c yah guys
thx for spending ur time by
walking . reading . listening . or drop by to say "hi !!!!!!:D "
thx a lot
wuthout u myblog are useless ..

assalamualaikum & have a nice sleep